In 2014, brewed the story of Tea Tradition, coloured in the hues of the pink city!

The thought “What is so basic yet misses the luxury of comfort and ambience” surrounded the promoters. During the journey of finding the answer, was weaved down the beautiful story of Tea Tradition.

The cafe, a vision of Mr Deepak Matolia, is a heaven for tea lovers and everyone else who enjoys snacking. The ambience of it has been designed to usher you into a mindful and joyful space. While the tea kicks in some relaxation and calm, the snacks compliments the tea and feeds the soul.

Since 8 years of its inception, the teafe has witnessed the brewing of endless stories and a lot of shared laughter. The journey though, had been a roller coaster with its own set of downfalls. Through all this, the promoters had stood still, donning their thinking hats while holding a cup of tea in their hands. Every downfall had taught them to be stronger, brewed them further, and enhanced the experience for all, just like how tea affects.

Because, we believe, behind every successful person there is a substantial amount of freshly brewed tea!

Get to Know Us Infusing the element of refreshment in your every visit!

Here is what makes our pillars strong and separates us from the rest. Our key mission and vision that keeps us going every day is to serve you with refreshments and experiences packed in the basket of traditions.

Since 8 Years
  • Brew a lifetime experience for its customers by offering a variety of dine-in and takeaway options. Our mission is to go the extra mile by tailoring and enhancing the customer experience through our different formats.
Since 8 Years
  • We started with a vision to celebrate the tradition of tea with our various stakeholders, by offering them an experience and becoming a part of their stories.
Since 8 Years
  • Mixing tea and tradition. Our USP is to bring varieties of tea on the table and put them in the basket of traditions.

Our Outlets Timeline

Rajapark, Jaipur

Started our Journey with our first cafe in Rajapark. The space was over 200sq. ft. and spotted Mudda style sitting and outside sitting. The space was a big hit.

Central Park, Jaipur

We expanded and started our first food truck. The van was placed around Central Park and Statue Circle, Jaipur and had muddi style. The menu was kept limited and the emphasis was on to deliver on the go food.

Kota, Rajasthan

We added city and opened our outlet in Kota, Rajasthan. The space we occupied then was 1500 sq. ft. it spotted both table chair sitting and Muddi style sitting.

Mansarovar, Jaipur

After the success of the first three outlets, we opened our biggest yet outlet in Mansarovar Jaipur. It had similar amenities as well was of that of Kota.

C-scheme, Jaipur

Moving on we expanded in C-scheme, Jaipur. This was our one of the busiest cafes and had two floors. We introduced rooftop sitting with this outlet.

Manipal university, Jaipur

Now is the time to expand in universities to tackle another important niche, students. The students at Manipal university loved us and made our this outlet a big success.

Noida, Delhi

Time to tap around the capital city of India. We gave out our second franchise with an 800 sq. ft. area in Noida. But we got into the limelight when we are spotted on the 8th place of must-visit cafes.

Lal Kothi, Jaipur

Our 8th outlet was in Lal Kothi, Jaipur. The sitting space was similar to that of C-Scheme one. It had both indoor and outdoor sitting. It turned out to be a huge buzz amongst students.

Modern Chowpatty, Jaipur

Moving on, we opened our two Kiosks at Modern Chowpaty - Tea Tradition Xpress and Desi Junction. Both catering to different niches and provide more wholesome values to consumers.

Neemrana, Jaipur

Our first ever highway outlet was opened at Neemrana, on Jaipur-Delhi highway. We were serving 24*7 at this outlet. It helped us in being registered in people’s minds.

Tibara, Jaipur

Time to cater to art lovers. Our 13th outlet, art cafe Tibara opened and registered a great footfall. The menu here is limited but the open space sitting is attracting a lot of people.

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While at our cafes we serve you with delicious food, here, we are aiming to serve you the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Find answers to what people often ask us, and even if you have more questions, contact us now.

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