Why you should choose Tea Tradition as a Franchise Cafe

An effective system of distribution of goods and services

High ROI (Returen on Investment)

Weekly Analysis of Franchise Performance

Well Established Brand

Proven Business Model

Low Cost Investment

Our Outlets

Our different cafe formats and franchise offerings are there to cater to the different sections of society. The journey thus far had been admired by our customers and had become synonymous with tea and relaxation. From Jaipur to Noida, we have travelled places and curated experiences. Our formats allow us to visit you and fill your events with the captivating fragrance of freshly brewed tea.

Tea Tradition Elite

1200-1500 Sq. Ft.

Tea Tradition Cafe Casual

500-800 sq. ft.

Tea Tradition Xpress

200-300 sq. ft.

Truck Tradition

As Per Vehicle